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Zohar is an African woman-owned safari company based in Arusha, Tanzania. After a stint of volunteering, I realized the long term regional needs required economic development, given the regions is dominated by western tour operators, so the big profits flowed overseas and out of Africa. In addition to providing seed money and guidance to its owner, I do online marketing for it. We hire locals and members of communities visited and pay them directly. Our culturally sensitive visits are not staged. Visitors participate in the daily lives of communities visited after we’ve established relationships with local leaders and elders. In addition to wildlife viewing, recreational activities and cultural visits, we take visitors to community based projects and social conscious projects promoting local empowerment and self-sufficiency. We also have visitors meet wildlife and land conservation experts working on projects in the bush to educate visitors about the fragile bush eco-system.

As an African safari company, Zohar is unique in a variety of ways. It was founded by seasoned Tanzanian safari guides with 10-15 of experience leading international traveler’s visitors securely in and out of the African bush. Zohar’s assembly of mature and highly skilled guides specialize in different aspects of Tanzania’s bio-diverse eco-culture, including wildlife viewing, mountain climbing, primate tracking, remote groups inhabiting the Serengeti bush. Zohar views every aspect of the travel experience as an informal learning experience that includes fun within the context of a growing community.

Zohar African Safaris provides the authentic, immersive, and inspiring experience. Headquartered in Arusha, Tanzania, with an office in the USA, Zohar is a boutique tour operator that custom designs safaris for travelers based on their personal tastes and interests. Our guests prefer to travel in small, intimate groups, and want be active participants in their journey. We assist them in the planning of their safari by offering a wide choice of activities including: game viewing, recreational opportunities, culturally immersive experiences with indigenous peoples, environmental education and visits to community based and local empowerment projects. The varied activities keep our guests continuously engaged and stimulated. The result is a high impact personal experience in African bush and local village areas.

To Zohar, its guests are part of an intimate traveling community. Our safaris are like seminars on wheels in which guests and guides discuss details about what they are seeing and learning. These conversations continue into the night while sitting around campfires under the throbbing glow of the densely star-studded African night sky part of a mobile family group that learns and discovers through new experiences. Traveling through the Serengeti and other areas of Tanzania is a multi-sensory event evoking unique feelings and thoughts that linger long after the safari has ended.

We provide a culturally sensitive immersion of experiences with ethnic groups in Serengeti-Rift Valley area. We are also able to provide exclusive benefits to Tourism Concern Members.

We visit local humanitarian social conscious programs and projects empowering locals though education and skill development to improve their income levels. We employ locals for everything we do (general guides, indigenous culture guides etc). Zohar is owned by a local African college educated woman so income stays in Africa. Training is provided to her to enable her to better reach western markets (computer skills, business management, a training in marketing). We educate visitors though local experts on environmental issues. Visitors often want to contribute to projects visited beyond what Zohar pays for their time.

An African owned safari company keeps profits in Africa and enables Zohar to expand through hiring more locals for all services we provide. We pay for services at the living wage or above it. We visit local projects and coops to increase project income. We provide needed resources to indigenous rural bush peoples who suffer from the impact global warming has on having productive land, so need additional income sources for both physical survival and cultural preservation. We also help these peoples through connecting with advocacy groups to protect their land rights. With local woman owner, Zohar provides a model for other African women to aspire for gender equality and economic empowerment and self-sufficiency. We market the needs of the locals through blog, Facebook posts and other online social media.

Our Safari Director also guides for National Geographic. He has worked with wildlife conservation throughout his career. He’s called Mr Tembo by other guides as he has worked most specifically with elephant tracking projects and education about African wildlife conservation. He introduces me to the land and wild life experts in the bush who educate me so i can blog these issues to others on the internet. He also educates people he guides during safaris and takes them to ongoing tracking projects. He provides quality control so there is a minimal tourist footprint left behind. Knowledge is power. so our first step is educating visitors about the environmental needs in the fragile Serengeti ecosystem.



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