Yunnan Taste Tourism

Yunnan Taste is run by local people who have been living in Yunnan for many decades. This organisation offer both home stays and tours, focusing on food and culture of China. The organisation provides the opportunity to meet and enjoy the company of native people in Yunnan – whilst exploring the unique tastes of the genuine Yunnan region.

We are able to offer a 5% discount to Tourism Concern Members. We look forward to welcoming guests to The South Of The Colorful Cloud.

During our tours, we guide our guests to visit local people’s workshop or home stay. The idea is that guests are able to live with local ethnic minorities and learn about how they live. Money from our tourism activities is filtered down to these local communities. 

We employ local people from different ethnic groups, in various regions in Yunnan. Local people are trained so they are able to communicate with guests, as well as show guests the local culture. Guests can meet these local people and can see where their tourism money is going – directly paid to the local employees. 

We give local people ideals which are good for environment protection. Furthermore, we educate local ethnic people how to live in sustainable environment. 

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