II Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism


The World Social Forum 2018 will be held 13 -17 March in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Every year, since 2001 the World Social Forum has been the place where organised groups, civil society organizations, NGOs, social movements and local communities have come together to think and rethink the economic model of our society and the world we live in.

This year unified motto of the WSF is To resist is to create, to resist is to Transform! For more information about the programs and the activities of the World Social Forum 2018 visit the official website. 

Following the successful experience of the I Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism (Belém, 2009), during the World Social Forum, the II Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism (15-17 March) will take place during the World Social Forum 2018 (13-17 March) in Salvador, Bahia.

The aim of the II Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism is to bring together community-based projects to create an environment for discussion and potential growth. Moreover, they will be encouraged to share their success stories, their challenges and work together on their potential opportunities. This will be an exceptional occasion to explore and strengthen the discussion about Sustainable Tourism, Solidary Economy and Community-Based Tourism within the Civil Society, as well as to reinforce a network of organisations linked to the sustainable, solidary and community tourism movement not only in Brazil but all around the world. 

The event will bring together local communities, NGOs, professors, researchers, members and supporters of the Brazilian Solidarity and Community Tourism Network – TURISOL.

If you would like to join them in Salvador, Bahia and participate in the II edition of the Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism please contact Elisa.

You can support the event by:

  • Spreading the news (through your personal and professional networks)
  • Volunteering (working remotely)
  • Before the event they still need people with the following skills:
  • Event Administrator
  • Graphic Design
  • Fundraiser
  • Online moderator (on site during the event)

If you need more information, please contact Elisa Spampinato at elisa@sustainabletourism.me.uk 

Thanks for supporting and contributing to the II edition of the Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism!

About the author

Elisa Spampinato

Elisa studied Anthropology and Sociology in Rome and has completed her studies with a field research in Brazil on local governance and new experiments in direct democracy. Since young she travelled regularly getting involved in International Volunteering projects in Europe, including eco-tourism experiences and cultural interchanges. She worked in Brazil as a consultant and researcher, collaborating with the Federal University, local enterprises and International NGO coordinating and planning activities for social projects with the aim to promote sustainable development for local communities in deprived areas in North Brazil. Her collaboration with the Virtual Institute of Tourism took her around Brazil studying and researching community-based tourism experiences. Her MA in Production Engineering at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, combining her background in Anthropology and Sociology with the Social Innovation and Management studies gave her the guidelines for her field work on Slum tourism in Rio de Janeiro which has recently turned into a book (Tourism in Carioca slums and situated development: the possibility of the encounter in six local community initiatives). She is currently involved in researches and active collaborations with different national and international NGO.

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