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Wildlife Trails has a depth of knowledge unparalleled in the tailor-made wildlife safari market. We started with India back in 1999 and after more than 20 return trips there since, we regard it as our family’s second home; often researching parks that go under the radar of most other companies. Our expert wildlife consultants who will deal with your enquiry, either live in the countries we promote, or spend several weeks there each year, finding the very best wildlife experiences for our clients.

Our tailor-made wildlife safaris are not booked through large agents selling mainstream locations to the masses – that’s not the experience we or our clients are looking for. As a proud independent company, we take the ‘path less travelled’, as we search out the very best small local wildlife operators from around the world.

Ethical Commitment:

We believe strongly in responsible eco-tourism that emphasizes respect for wildlife, the environment, indigenous cultures, and the wilderness communities we visit. Our aim is to operate a company that not only provides unforgettable wildlife experiences for our clients, but also directly contributes to the effective conservation of wildlife and natural habitats, and rewards responsible eco-tourism initiatives in small (often remote) communities with much needed income

Our mission is to work in close partnership with our discerning clients to create outstanding tailor-made wildlife safaris. We want you to return from your first trip with Wildlife Trails completely blown away by the experience and asking us for more

We believe passionately that wildlife tourism should not be the preserve of the wealthy. Nor should it exploit local communities or harm habitats. This ethos is at the forefront of our minds when we recce each new destination. We donate 10% of our profits each year to conservation and community projects in or around National Parks through our own charity; the Tiger Trails Foundation.

2016 Tourism Concern Members Discount:

We are willing participants of the 2016 Tourism Concern discount voucher offer. New Tourism Concern members that receive a £100 discount voucher can redeem the discount with us (conditions apply). Email us at the link below for more details.



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