Viverde (live + green) is a travel agency that emerged from a passion of a Brazilian couple for the Amazon – jungle, climate, people, the will to explore the unexplored, to live an adventure and pass the sensation of freedom and joy to other people. Hence, in 1993 when some industries in the Industrial District of Manaus decided to re-locate their operations elsewhere, we decided to change our jobs into the challenging ecological tourist direction.

We believed and still believe that the solution to the development of the Amazonas State is not just industrial activity, which depends mostly on incentives and politics, but mainly through a rational way of exploring the Amazon rain forest by research, agriculture, fishing and specially tourism.

A lack of capital meant our Receptive Agency project stayed on hold until April 8th 1996, when we started our work, and the dream of our life, “Viverde Turismo”. Since then our family has grown. Today we have a son and a daughter (both “Amazonenses”, which means born in Amazonas State) and caring for their future, we have established a new philosophy in life which pledges for the preservation of the Amazon Ecosystem.

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