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The University of Kent offers a postgraduate Masters programme in Conservation and Tourism. The School of anthropology and conservation hosts the Masters in conservation and tourism, which offers students a critical engagement with the subject of conservation and tourism – not only by exploring the wide range of environmental, social and economic impacts – but also through considering difficult questions that we might ask ourselves about our role as conservationists. This programme is relevant to the work of NGOs, consultancy firms and contractors, tour operators, conservation managers, international agencies and donors.

The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) is hosted at the University of Kent. DICE is Britain’s leading research and postgraduate training centre dedicated to conserving biodiversity, as well as the ecological processes that support ecosystems and people. Staff have outstanding international research profiles, yet integrate this with considerable on-the-ground experience working in collaboration with conservation agencies around the world. This blend of expertise ensures that the programme deliver the skills and knowledge that are essential components of conservation implementation.

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