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The University of ChesteUniversity of Chesterr offers a range of Undergraduate International Tourism Management Courses within the Department of Marketing, Tourism and Events Management. Their courses are accredited by the Tourism Management Institute and explore the social, political, economic and environmental impacts, both good and bad, that tourism has on people, places and businesses around the world.

The department offers a range of much sought after Work-Based Learning opportunities, which all students have to undertake during their second year of study as part of their degree programme. This gives students the opportunity to experience the industry first hand and get some insight into the profession. Students also have the option of undertaking a year’s industrial paid placement with an organisation in their chosen field; many students go on to seek employment with this employer.

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Kai Ulrik

Hi - I joined tourism concern as a volunteer in early 2014 and have been assisting with research and membership. I have a background in environmental management and business administration; with a Master's degree in Environmental management and policy. I am an avid traveller with key interests in community based tourism & highlighting the impacts of All-inclusive holidays.

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