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Trekking Experts is one of Nepal’s leading adventure-travel companies run by highly professional tourism experts. With over 26 years of experience and deep understanding in trekking and mountaineering, Trekking Experts team is formed to deliver high quality logistic services while ensuring security, safety and satisfaction.

Our team is a group of well-trained and experienced tourism veterans, who have been in this industry for decades. In co-operation with our international travel partners, we have been providing A-class services for all aspects of travel. We pride ourselves in organizing and executing perfect trekking holidays and tour packages while keeping in mind the requirements of our guests.

Our story begins with the passion and vision of professional trekking leaders and mountain guides. The initial initiation came from Mr. Dinesh Tamang and Mr. Pasang Rinjee Sherpa who came together to do what they do best. Soon a team of tourism like-minded people were formed and together they registered a trekking company within the laws of Republic of Nepal and named this company, “Trekking Experts”. Trekking Experts core team are all from different regions of Nepal, who have deep expert knowledge in their own respective field.

Mr. Tamang hails from heart of Langtang valley and he has been leading groups in the Himalaya since 2003. Mr. Sherpa hails from Nepal’s most popular trekking destination, Khumbu region (Everest region). He has been guiding and leading group since 1988. With over 26 years in trekking in the Himalaya, he is renowned as one of the most experienced trekking guide and leader. Other experts are from Annapurna region, Manaslu and Makalu region.

All our team have spent many years in exploring the Himalaya’s magical valleys and ancient ways, setting the standards for mountaineering and climbing these magnificent peaks. Most of our experts are from Sherpa community. The Sherpa people have traditionally been known as ‘the guardians of the Himalaya’.

Our decade long exploration, experience and deep understanding of the mountains, the mountain people and their culture have helped Trekking Experts gain upper hand in providing the highest standard trek and tour services in Nepal. We guarantee you best quality services for Trekking Holidays and Tour Holidays in Nepal and beyond. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of our customers, who are travelers from all around the world. We make sure that your visit to Nepal or elsewhere, remains memorable, and when you go back home, you have tons of stories of your adventures to share with your friends and family.

All Trekking Experts’ trip plans are designed to ensure you the best of comfort, safety and successful adventure. Commitment towards Professionalism, Expertise in practice, Proficiency in skill, Care and compassion and Proper risk management of our team makes all the differences between a difficult trip to safe and enjoyable one. Whether you’re an experienced trekker, mountaineer or a first timer, our featured treks/tours allows you to experience another culture in the dramatic setting of the highest mountain range on the planet. We will escort you around our enchant land – our monasteries humming with prayer, our religious masked dances, our idyllic and uncomplicated way of life and our picturesque villages with prayer flags fluttering over our homes. We will take you along untrodden trails, over hidden valleys, mountain passes and on the summits of formidable pinnacles which only we know well – because it is our home.

By using our specialist team we would like promote rural part of Nepal – We are able to offer a 5% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

The mountains are our pride and we venerate them as the abode of the gods. With the constant increases in the number of visitors, it has boosted the local economy but has also brought an increase in the degradation of the region’s fragile ecology and cultural traditions. We are committed to protecting our home through empowering mountain communities and conserving mountain ecosystems, to ensure that mountains will continue to provide the essential resources – natural, cultural and inspirational — needed for mankind’s survival on a healthy planet. We continually strive to be a leading responsible corporate business organization.

Education is the light for darkness of knowledge. About 53% of Nepalese are uneducated which is the main cause of poverty, starvation and unhealthy. Education plays vital role for social changes for forward development. Hence, Trekking Experts is associated and helping local schools and poor children (mainly girls) by donating money to enhance the quality and reach of education to local children.

  • We maximise the contribution of tourism to the economic prosperity of the local area, including the proportion of visitor spending that is retained locally.
  • Respect the local culture.

  • We maintain and enhance the quality of landscapes, both urban and rural, and avoid the physical and visual degradation of the environment.
  • Encourage Eco friendly behaviour. 



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