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Based in the northern capital of Chiang Mai, created in 1988 as a truly  independent micro tour operator, Trekking Collective is a Thai / British family run local business.

With more than 30 years of expertise of the Lanna region, our record of cultural sensitivity, mutual trust and respect of the communities visited, along with an excellent safety track record, flexibility and attention to detail, will give you the confidence to join one of an eclectic choice of quality authentic trekking and cultural  experiences.

Trekking Collective has been actively involved in many on-going sustainable environmental and Community Programs working along side the people since 1988.

  • We support clean water supplies to Lisu and Red Lahu villages on the Myanmar border.
  • Sponsoring school children annually for study materials in Chiang Rai province.
  • Emergency rice dried foods and clothing carried to a Karen village in Wiang Pa Pao district after homes, rice paddies and lychee orchards were devastated by flood.
  • Providing pack-ponies for sustainable transportation of crops.
  • Interest free loans and trading with the villagers
  • Providing basic health and hygiene medicines for all.
  • Successful since 2001 – a native tree species Re- Forestation program. Tree nurseries and classrooms built by the Villagers with ‘living’ fencing. Ongoing workshops for all interested villagers.
  • 2010 – we are happy to report that this is now a successful sustainable stand alone project with a herd of more than 20 cows, The Community ‘Cow and Piggy’. New born Calves and Piglets are cared for and then donated to other villager’s and communities to establish new banks.
  • 2010 onwards  – 4 rice banks are in place addressing ‘food security’ in four communities.
  • 2012 January to celebrate National Children’s Day we delivered to the chief of the village new warm clothes to all 70 children at a Red Lahu Community, Wiang Haeng District on the Thai-Burma border.

**Currently under assessment.

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