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Travel & Healing, design and operate unique travel packages in Peru for people looking to renew their vitality, who seek cultural integration, adventure, cuisine, pilgrimages and spiritual retreats, integrating traditional experiences, especially those related to healing and wellness.

Our Principles centre upon ‘Alli Kausay’, this means quality of life or good living in the Andean Quechua language. It is the opposite of material fulfillment. The essence of the human condition within our natural existence is meant to meet fulfillment by having the social opportunity to be a part of a community where we may learn and prosper together. We have a direct commitment to the cultural, natural, human, spiritual, educational, political, ecological and social needs of our locals and visitors to Peru.

Cultural Preservation and assimilation of our clients spirit into the Andean way of Alli Kausay is of high importance. Visitors should leave Peru feeling they had hardly left an imprint here, in terms of nature and sustainability, but having experiences a significant spiritual and educational imprint on their lives.

We are Peru´s tour operator dedicated to sustainability. Make your vacation not just a trip, but a memory and learning experience to last a lifetime. We offer clients a unique experience, blending culture and discovery. The landscape of Peru lends itself to magic, within yourself and all that surrounds you here in Peru. This is our offer to you as clients, when taking part in our treks and tours in Peru. Nurture your intellect, through nature and cultural exchange, brought by traveling in Peru.

Leaders, gurus, environmentalists, life-time learners, students, professionals, all of our dreamers and doers. We made these treks, tours and retreats for you!

To put it simply, Travel and Healing is highly committed to our clients wellness and experience, while respecting Peru. We are a group of people who strive to give our clients the best and most unique encounters, in their travel packages. It is not just a trip. Included in the travel packages, is a cultural exchange not found anywhere else. Not to mention in the energy center of Peru. Meet our shamans, yogis, reiki masters and trekking gurus, all while taking in the vast and gorgeous landscapes Peru has to offer.

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members, along with an exclusive benefit to Tourism Concern Members. Your tour or trek will either start or end with an Andean ceremony performed by an authentic shaman!

We believe in preserving the cultural heritage of Peru through the sharing of local traditions and having our clients participate in traditional ceremonies. Preservation of indigenous culture, customs and traditions. By including traditional knowledge and practices in our tourist activities we disseminate not only their continued existence but also hope to generate a cross-cultural understanding of values and goals.

We work with community members in their own language and allow them to wear their traditional dress with the hopes of having them value this language and not feeling the obligation to speak in Spanish to be able to participate in society. Several of our services are based upon the traditional beliefs of the people of the Andes and Amazon. These beliefs are also our own and we hope to transmit them to our clients as part of a cultural exchange.

Our program,, is involved in the conservation of land and works closely with the indigenous community (Quechua). Here we work to preserve land, ancient knowledge and help the indigenous integrate with modern policy in our societies. This involves conseling on land deeds and other such govermental procedures. We act as a voice for those in need.

Amongst our community outreach programs, we tend to focus on programs with children and adolesents. We are focused on re-integrating children who have been the victims of abuse to learn to trust and be apart of stable environments. This is important for society as a whole to help mold the children into their own best supporter. They are to be surrounded by positive adults who can teach them about their history and culture in a positive environment.

Cultivate a lasting knowledge of the relationship between the ancient and the modern. We believe that knowledge of both cultures must be united with any initiative plan. It brings support to our society in the cities and communities. Peru is country with several ancient civilizations that have their own cosmology and strong influence in local behavior.

We bring the information or plan to our staff especially to our porters, horse man, guides and local communities based with their social cosmology with that become easy to implementing the technology that the actual times can provide to ensure the success of the information or plan.

We do not believe in any forms of discrimination. All qualified who would like to work for us are given a fair opportunity. Employees are paid more than minimum wage. The profit made is invested into local projects and the community. People who not qualified, but see themselves as fit for a position are offered short-term contracts, we believe if their is a will their is a way and determination is everything, if you think you can, you can and we are always excited to bring on self-starters. We operated a fair work place and abide by all standards of Peruvian law.

We offer people the chance to refill their water bottles from our water cooler to avoid the use of plastic. We also have a book exchange in our office. We use bulk ingredients in our box lunches reducing the amount of packaging consumed and we provide our clients with refillable water bottles for our treks. We also pack our box lunches in reusable cloth bags and re-usable plastic containers and natural ingredients.

We have local community members working on our office and also performing traditional ceremonies and transmitting their ancestral knowledge including an inherent respect for nature.

We use the minimum amount of energy by taking advantage of natural light, unplugging everything at the end of the night and closing the switch on the gas tank to prevent any leaks. We also choose our vehicle size in accordance with the group size to avoid excess use of fuel and related contamination. We are looking into solar-powered lights for our treks to reduce our usage further.

At any tour or trek our number one goal is to make sure we leave no footprint. Our guides are under obligation to not only leave no trace, but to leave the natural setting better than it was to begin with. This involves picking up any debris left behind by other trekkers. All workers are well versed the policies of not only the Peruvian government, in regards to conservation, but our company standards as well. We require all tour guides to have their government certification and that they also go through our company training. All of the transport vehicles we use comply with environmental standards and we minimize the size of the vehicle we use depending upon the amount of passengers. All waterways are protected during our tours through sustainable practices and standards.



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