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Totonal are an ethical tour operator whose primary focus is to give visibility to local initiatives, both urban and rural. In Mexico, there are amazing destinations and experiences that are not known, and we aim to provide these local communities with a sales platform under our fair trading philosophy.

We want the local people and communities to be proud about their culture and give them resources so that they will be able to preserve their environment and alleviate poverty. We offer unique experiences, where the traveller will get a first hand feeling of the true culture, not a passing view from a tour-bus window, through stories, aromas, flavours and stunning landscapes.

We do our best to maximise positive impacts on the communities, and minimise the negative ones. Visitors will be able to see the real Mexico, having the peace of mind of doing so with reliable operators, safely, and contributing to the local economy.

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members

We have worked with the National Commission of Indigenous Peoples, offering them counselling about the coordination of several cooperatives of the Southern part of the Veracruz State, in order to create tourist products in order to give visibility to the cultural and natural resources of the region.

In each circuit or tour we create, we make sure that the local cultures are not folklorised.

We help travelers to see different parts of the country, and we take another step: we get them closer to their local inhabitants. We value the interaction, the reality without any make-up, the spontaneity. We offer visitors the opportunity of seeing also the wonderful landmarks, with the possibility of getting involved. To see the reality of the place in-depth, to learn about customs and traditions, to preserve the environment and to contribute to several social projects.

Below is a list of the key areas we focus on:

  • We maximise the contribution of tourism to the economic prosperity of the local area, including the proportion of visitor spending that is retained locally.
  • We seek a widespread and fair distribution of economic and social benefits from tourism throughout the local community, including improving opportunities, income and services available to the poorest.
  • We strengthen the number and quality of local jobs created and supported by tourism, including the level of pay, conditions of service and availability to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability or in other ways.

We work in areas of awareness and training, both for travellers and for those involved in the tourism management and local hosts. We train them in order to foster tourism activities more responsible and equitable and fair as possible. That includes environmental management.

We embrace and promote through Green Marketing techniques, companies and destinations that are committed to sustainability, helping them reach “green” tourists and position themselves in those markets that want to travel more responsibly.



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