Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge

Tiger Mountain Pokhara lodge has pioneered responsible conservation tourism in the middle hills of Nepal since opening in 1998. Independently verified annually by ‘JUST report’, we are one of a handful of properties in Nepal that submit to independent audit of our responsible tourism policies and actions.

With a stunning setting overlooking a magnificent Himalayan panorama, the lodge is a haven of tranquility and rich bio-diversity – leopards are regularly seen – and the ideal place to relax and luxuriate in the life of Nepal’s middle hills.

Simple home-style food is sourced locally as possible, much from our own grounds and our neighbours’ farms. Our cooks create comforting and tempting dishes and no special diet is too much trouble for Lalu and his team.

An award winning pool, an enviable reputation and excellent feedback from guests on social media help us strive for ever higher standards of responsibility. Come and see for yourself!

All our activites are managed through consultation with our local staff and other community stakeholders. We have an active community support partnership programme that engages with the communities’ aspirations for socio-economic development. We actively seek community support through our locally employed staff and prioritise recruitment – albeit that with incredibly low levels of staff turnover, this is a slow process!

We seek a widespread and fair distribution of economic and social benefits from tourism throughout the local community, including through local sourcing and employment. We are in the highest percentile of employers in the area. We do not discriminate at all except barring women from duty as night guards – not through any lack of belief in their ability but out of respect for local cultural norms.

We have developed the property, renewing vegetation and restoring the traditional land uses of the property including a khar bari (thatch grass meadow). Active monitoring of bio-diversity is ongoing and data is made available to local organisations. We work closely with local and national NGOs in developing conservation and data recording initiatives, training for NGO members, schools, etc…



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Peter Bishop

Peter Bishop – Programme Manager Tourism Concern. Peter became a trustee of Tourism Concern in 2006, stepping down in 2009 in order to work on projects including our DFID-funded ‘Empowering Coastal Communities’ project, the Gap Year and International Volunteering Standard, and research into employment conditions in all-inclusive hotels.

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