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the school travel trustHere at the STC we have the unique opportunity to educate the next generation of travellers in sustainable and responsible tourism. These beliefs bury down to the very core of our business and we do our utmost to ensure that with every group we send overseas, their impact will have as much benefit as possible while minimizing the negative effects as much as we can. We strongly believe that tourism has the potential to change the world in a positive way, promoting the protection of wild areas, supporting local communities with education and jobs and also helping people from around the world to connect and learn about one another.

From the employment of local guides, to carbon offsetting, using recycled paper and working with women in rural communities we ensure that each step in the process considers responsible tourism and have key systems in place to ensure this outcome. And of course we are continuously assessing and developing this area of our business in order to make travel beneficial to our clients, staff, local communities, wildlife and every other thing involved!

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Helen Jennings

Helen has studied at the Universities of Goldsmiths, Kent, Jyvaskyla (Finland) and The Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø) where she obtained a MA in Indigenous Studies. She has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Canada, Scandinavia, and South America. Helen is particularly interested in cultural, indigenous, and spiritual tourism, ideas behind sensible ‘regulation’ and is convinced of the value of ethical and sustainable tourism.

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