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The Explore Nepal Group offers unique and exciting adventures in some of the world’s most exotic places. Every one of our tours is designed to offer you a wonderful experience that is environmentally friendly and respects local lives and livelihoods. More than any other tour companies; we work hard to ensure every aspect of your stay is environmentally friendly and socially responsible, without sacrificing enjoyment. This is eco-tourism in style and comfort!

The Explore Nepal Group is an ecotourism organisation, established in 1988 . It offers cultural tours, trekking, bird watching, rafting, canoeing, wildlife safaris, as well as spiritual and well-being activities. The Explore Nepal Group has established a model for eco-hotels and restaurants all over Nepal. In addition to tours in Nepal, there are also custom-tailored trips across the border to Tibet, Bhutan, Darjeeling and Sikkim. We can provide tailor-made tours to better match individual tastes and desires. Special itineraries can be arranged according to budget, length of stay, and any other requirements.

We pride ourselves on our Emphasis on Quality. The Explore Nepal Group is one of Nepal’s leading up-market eco and sustainable tourism operators, offering quality trips within a natural environment. Our properties provide you with comfort and at the same time a genuine traditional Nepalese atmosphere. In cities, we use the best available hotels, chosen for their character, convenience and general quality. In the field we accommodate our guests in tents or special lodges which adds to the whole experience. We use private transport, provide excellent equipment and, very important, well trained staff.

We have been actively engaged in environmental campaigns such as we anti-plastic campaign; clean-up treks; we have opened schools in Koshi Tappu where we have our eco-camp and support a local school in kathmandu. Recently, we are we are working with farmers to change into natural farming systems and educating women.

We would like to assure you that we are committed ethical travel operator – therefore we are able to offer a 5% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

  • We have helped restore local water system which has meant that there is continuous supply of water in the area thereby helping the community to have continuous access to this traditional and old system of water.
  • We only use local products in our activities and try to support the local farmers.
  • We have hotels and restaurants that we have opened based on conservation of our old architecture dating different periods in Nepal. We have in all our properties used local craftsmen and all our products are natural and sustainable, therefore also supporting the local communities and retaining the culture and traditional knowledge and skill of the area.
  • We are organizing river-clean up in the area where we have a farm house and have initiated the women’s group to take and lead this action as they are the most important leaders in our community in Nepal as they are the hardest working. 

  • We are working with schools where we support underprivileged children and also take classes on environment to make these children more conscious individuals.
  • We are collaborating with Taiwanese organisation and conducting women hygiene camps to train on the use of eco-pad.
  • Having established hotels and restaurants we have been able to give jobs to local individuals and we believe in equal pay. We regularly perform trainings to our staff so they feel confident as they progress. 

  • We have renovated old buildings and all our new properties are based on old style which has meant that it has enhanced the culture & image of the area. This renovated buildings stand as a reminder of what existed over 100 years ago in the middle of the industrialised city.
  • Our trips are based on minimal damage to the environment and also very minimal use of non-renewable resources.
  • We only serve naturally produces food in all our properties and encourage farmers to go organic.
  • We have initiated work in our farm house to only grow naturally and creating awareness camps to encourage the farmers in the area.
  • We have been a very active organisation in anti-plastic campaigns; clean-up treks and also heritage site clean up and awareness camps.
  • We believe that any work such as tourism can only thrive when we are able to maintain our heritage and conserve nature. 



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