The Black Sheep Inn

The Black Sheep Inn is 100% community operated and managed, and has been voted in the “Top 10 Eco Lodge in the World” by Outside Magazine.

Enjoy the comfortable chalet-like lodge, relax around woodstove fireplaces, play scrabble and sip a glass of Ecuadorian Rum or a hot chocolate, pamper yourself with hot showers, delight in gourmet vegetarian meals, and after a long hike leave your tensions behind in the woodfired sauna and hot tub. At the Black Sheep Inn you will sleep soundly in silence far from the hum of any highways.

The charm of the Black Sheep Inn is in its size. We cater to individual travelers, not to tour groups. Included in the price of accommodations are home baked chocolate brownies, banana bread and oatmeal cookies and unlimited tea, coffee and purified water. We’ve tried to do everything possible to make your stay relaxing and enjoyable. Dinner is served family-style around a large table. We always encourage second helpings! You’ll be part of the family at The Black Sheep Inn.

The mission of Black Sheep Inn aims to provide a comfortable, educational experience for guests, teaching about the local area, customs and Permaculture, while contributing to and improving the community and the natural environment. Our goal is to be a leader in environmental stability and ecotourism.

The Inn offers affordable lodging in the heart of the rural Ecuadorian Andes. Truly off the beaten path, enjoy horseback riding, mountain biking & day hiking. Hotel has spectacular views, delicious vegetarian cooking, home-baked deserts, wood-fired sauna & hot-tub, zipline cable swing, Yoga Studio, Frisbee golf course, family fun & adventure.

Day Hiker’s paradise: Because of the Black Sheep Inn’s unique location, you can enjoy several days of walking right from the Inn. Walks range from a half hour to a full day and incorporate several micro-climates. The hike from Laguna Quilotoa to Chugchilán gives you spectacular views of the emerald Crater Lake and you will traverse the indigenous village of Huayama and cross the Rio Toachi Canyon. Experience the real Ecuador in this safe and rural location. Hike through the Rio Toachi Canyon, enjoy patch work fields of the sierra, be on top of the world in the high grasslands of the paramó, and enter the eerie, humid, cloud forest. Altitudes range from 8,000 to 12,500 feet (2500 to 3800 meters) making it easy to acclimatize and train for Ecuador’s higher peaks while enjoying all the comforts of the Black Sheep Inn

Born and raised in Chugchilan, Edmundo Vega, the administrator/manager/renter of the Black Sheep Inn founded a group called ACHUTECS (Association of Chugchilan of Ecological Sustainable Community Tourism). The group involves 4 locally owned accommodations, horseback and walking guides, community leaders and a student eco-club.

We are able to provide an exclusive benefit to Tourism Concern Members, 15% off for stays of 4 nights or more. Black Sheep Inn prices range from US$35 to US$100 per person and include 3 meals, unlimited tea, coffee purified water, snacks and all taxes.

Black Sheep Inn (BSI) has sponsored several trainings & workshops in the local community including: women’s health & family planning, nutrition, knitting, animal care, 1st aid, guiding ethics, natural history, computer education & permaculture design.

Since 2003 BSI sponsored & supports a Public Library/Community Learning Center with FREE internet access & over 1000 books. As the 1st world rapidly advances in technology, villages like Chugchilan often get left behind, the library helps bridge this gap.

Andres has presented on how to make adobe bricks preserving historic building techniques. He often present on Dry Composting Toilets in tourism. Edmundo, president of the local Community, Sustainable, Ecological Tourism Association (ACHUTECS), regularly invites students to the Black Sheep Inn to learn about ecotourism. He also has organized community exchanges to learn culinary skills. Michelle has volunteered teaching English in the local high schools since 1997.

Black Sheep Inn is 100% community operated. All employees receive full legal benefits including: maternity leave, paid vacation, social security health benefits, bonus pay, & tips. All workers live locally & walk to work. Over the years they have been able to purchase land and/or build their own houses; several of them now own vehicles. Women make up 80% of the staff.

BSI helps organize activities in the local community such as horseback riding, guided hikes & transportation. All activities are paid directly to the local providers. 90% of food products are purchased locally. Crafts are sold at the lodge with no commission. BSI has encouraged neighbors to open their own businesses & given advise, consulting & even no interest loans for start-ups. 

BSI has been built & designed using Permaculture Design. Permaculture is the conscious design & maintenance of agriculturally productive systems which have the diversity, stability, & resilience of natural ecosystems. Buildings feature natural local renewable materials such as: homemade clay abode bricks, eucalyptus beams, clay tile roofs, straw roofs, & local rocks; also natural lighting, thermal mass for insulation, roof rainwater collectors, windblocks to help create micro-climates & erosion has been controlled by planting over 1000 native trees along contour swales.

BSI recycles everything! The inn only has dry composting toilets, kitchen waste is recycled to pigs & composted, every room has 3 separation bins, Black Sheep Inn built a village recycling center for storing metal, plastic & cardboard, glass bottles are built into decorative bottle walls. Products are bought in bulk to minimize packaging, water is purified onsite via Ozone so guests can refill their own bottles.



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