With an additional 39 million international tourists in 2011, international tourist arrivals surpassed 1 billion (1.035 billion) for the first time in history in 2012. Tourism is now a key development driver in the global South and main foreign exchange earner for 65 (out of 69) developing countries. Tourism can be a huge force for good, helping local communities by providing employment, improving living standards and acting to protect natural resources and habitats. Unfortunately a lot of tourism does exactly the opposite. Read more…




Is it OK to ride an elephant? Go on a cruise or haggle for goods? Most people don’t set out to cause harm, but can unwittingly do so. Our aim to change consumer behaviour in order that people make better and more informed choices about their holidays. Read our series of Ethical Travel Dilemmas




Picture8Wanting to travel and experience new cultures around the globe is surely a good thing, and so is wanting to volunteer. People who volunteer generally hope to do something interesting that they’ll learn from and that will help other people. But do volunteering opportunities bring real benefits to host communities or merely exploit the good intentions of well-meaning volunteers? Read more...


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