Tembo Kijani Ecolodge

Tembo Kijani is a small ecolodge just north of Saadani National Park with an unspoiled stretch of white sand beach. Off the beaten track and away from the regular travel itineraries, you will be able to explore a really untouched part of Tanzania first hand on safaris, walking safaris and boat trips, where you’ll find the only place in East Africa where wildlife is right on the ocean.

Three Beach Bungalows, just a few meters away from the beach, and four Bush Bungalows with some monkeys as your neighbors, provide a great experience to explore this unknown part of Tanzania. Each of the units are equipped with their own solar electricity system and solar water heating system. Local products are combined with European cuisine to have you enjoy your meals while away from home. Besides relaxing and taking long strolls at the beach, we’d love to take you on safaris, walking safaris and boat trips to show you this little piece of paradise and explain a bit about our way of sustainability, life in the African bush and our passion for nature and wildlife.

As a small ecolodge with only 7 rooms, we employ only people from the close-by villages (means to train them in a profession, giving a secure salary, social security and a profession for the future). The products we use for the food are sourced from the villages/city around. The lodge was built with natural materials and as little cement as possible. Drinking water (filtered rain water) we provide for free instead of selling plastic bottles. We only have solar and wind power and solar water heating systems for the hot water. The indigenous vegetation on the premises were kept when building instead of cutting everything down.

We are actively involved in the conservation work in the near Saadani National Park. We also take guests for safari there. Furthermore we do walking safaris to see local salt making and the eco systems around the lodge.

We are willing to provide an exclusive benefit to Tourism Concern Members. In the form of a free walking Safari!

With the employment and training of people from the local community, we not only provide a profession, but also a steady income, social security and health insurance as required by the government. There is no distinction as of religion or gender and we even give the opportunity to people who cannot read and write to take a job in the lodge. This makes the lodge one of the biggest employment providers for the local community (besides of course the indirect jobs created by fishing etc.).

The building of a well in the village is a project we started for the benefit of the people, since they do not have a source of clean water. 

No distinction is made for any job applicants of gender or religion; even no previous experience in the job is required and all is trained on site.

People without any school education are also taken into employment where suited. Hence as noted above, the lodge is one of the biggest provides of steady income, training and employment for the village and its population. 

We kept and reforest the indigenous vegetation of the premises. The guest units and all buildings were placed on spots where no trees needed to be cut and merge with the landscape around. Natural materials were used for building.

Solar and wind are used solely for electricity needs. Solar water heating systems are in place for each guest unit as well as its own solar-island electricity system. No plastic bottles are sold and drinking water is provided for free. Work with the management of Saadani National Park involves us in ongoing conservation efforts and research 



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