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Tekoa Brasil was created with a desire to provide experiences & tours that combine environmentally conscious eco/adventure tourism with an emphasis on local culture. We develop programs that combine nature and sustainability, with an emphasis on community-based tourism, creating relationships with our travelers and local communities – therefore a deeper understanding of Brazil.

While we primarily conduct our ecotourism tours in Florianopolis, community-based trips to other states and brasilian Parks are available as well. For the adventurous types we offer interpretive hikes on the many Brazilian islands, along with kayaking in the lagoons, scuba diving, paragliding, boat trips, surfing, kite and wind surfing. For those who prefer a more culturally immersive experience we have internships and volunteer opportunities available.

We are able to offer a 5% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

“Two worlds meet, each person makes a journey from one place to another” (author unknown).

We promote cultural exchange to allow visitors to soak up the atmosphere of living in Brazil. Families offer to host and monitors the native majority of the site you visit – providing the ability to see close caiçaras aspects of cultures, maroon, fishermen, peasant and indigenous people.

We also offer tours in nature to places not usually visited frequently by tourists; possibility to participate in daily activities of a community. This also allows visitors to engage and contribute to local conservation efforts. The community is directly benefited by this form of tourism as it provides an additional form of income.

In many cases of tourism in Brazil, the traditional people not only suffer the loss of tenure, but also the loss of cultural identity and diminished quality of life – resulting in the concentration of wealth in the hands of the operators of trade and services. Not to mention the local workforce, which most often is ‘imported’ from other regions, because the knowledge and training of the local population is not sufficient to meet demands this type of tourism.

Our objective is to generate local socio-economic development. In many cases the local population is worse off, with mass tourism excluding many local people. In Brazil there are many potential sites for community-based tourism, which is a form of sustainable tourism. We encourage community based tourism where the main tourism activities are managed by the local community.

  • We maintain and enhance the quality of landscapes, both urban and rural, and avoid the physical and visual degradation of the environment.
  • We support the conservation of natural areas, habitats, and wildlife, and minimize damage to them.
  • We minimise use of scarce or non-renewable resources in the development of tourism facilities and to minimise pollution of air, water, land caused by the generation of waste by tourism enterprises and visitors.
  • We value the local traditions and aim to protect natural resources. We work together with NGO’s to protect the reserved areas, to keep the trails protect when trekking is involved.



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