Tailor India tours

‘A team of travel professionals who are proud of their culture, their heritage, their architecture and their country’, Provide personalized tours to individuals and small groups who want that ‘authentic’ experience whatever the interest tours and in any part of India.’

We design the itinerary according to our guests’ wishes – it can include all the major attractions as well as some smaller destinations we know – places that are real charm of India where guests can experience the flavour of the countryside.

‘We promise you that you will feel the full rhythm of the journey: From luxury to heritage accommodation, from French wine to saffron heritage liqueur, watching the Tajmahal at sunrise and Leopard after sunset, you will go from the hustle bustle of a city one day, to a private guest in a wildlife reserve the next.

The idea was to be different, and the focus was to present the rich cultural heritage, nature and the life style of the people of India to the world,  in a more intimate manner.


The majority of our staff our locals. We provide annual training to our staff in regards to Rajasthan history, heritage, culture, wildlife as well as conservation training. We take our guests to more local destinations to generate employment and support local craft. 

Local people are involved in maintaining our cottages at campsite, we use locally made furniture, Organic food supply comes from near by villagers farmlands. We ask our guest to donate stationary items to schools in the villages. We pay our staff well. 

Jagnath wildlife Safari (Sanctuary) and Sena leopard conservation zone,  are areas where we are directly involved in conservation projects. Cutting down of trees and poaching has completly stopped  since we started to protect this area six years ago, with the help of local people.

For five years we have continually and constantly worked for the conservation of the Sena leopard and its habitat, with the help of locals and the Rajasthan forest department.

For Members  = 15% Discount and Locally handmade gift for Guest.



About the author

Helen Jennings

Helen has studied at the Universities of Goldsmiths, Kent, Jyvaskyla (Finland) and The Arctic University of Norway (Tromsø) where she obtained a MA in Indigenous Studies. She has travelled extensively and has lived and worked in Canada, Scandinavia, and South America. Helen is particularly interested in cultural, indigenous, and spiritual tourism, ideas behind sensible ‘regulation’ and is convinced of the value of ethical and sustainable tourism.

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