Animals in Tourism launch

We successfully launched our Animals in Tourism Report on the 11th December at the House of Commons. The evening was hosted by Steve Reed MP who emphasised the need for a greater understanding of the issues and why the work of Tourism Concern was so important. Mark Watson (Executive Direction – Tourism Concern) welcomed the […]

Volunteers need to prioritise empathy not sympathy.

Rosa interviewed Pod Volunteer as part of her Georgraphy dissertation research on the topic of voluntourism. We have invited her to share her findings as a guest blogger. “Hi, I’m Rosa – a recent geography graduate. I love learning how the world works, particularly how people interact with each other and the planet! This along […]

Cruise ships: What the FOC?

Most cruise ships sail under something called a ‘Flag of Convenience’ – an ‘FOC’.  This means that companies choose to register their ships in a country other than the country of ownership. Common FOC nations include Liberia, Panama and the Bahamas. Flying an FOC means that ships are subject to less regulation, making it more […]

Volunteers: The good, the bad and the ugly

Research student Teresa Moore describes how staff at a slum foundation in Bangkok regard volunteering:  This article will summarise the main findings of a dissertation on the impact of the volunteer programme at a slum foundation in Bangkok, as measured through the eyes of the local staff, an under-represented and much-needed voice in literature surrounding the […]