II Global Forum on Sustainable Tourism

The World Social Forum 2018 will be held 13 -17 March in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. Every year, since 2001 the World Social Forum has been the place where organised groups, civil society organizations, NGOs, social movements and local communities have come together to think and rethink the economic model of our society and the world we live in. […]

Interview with Maurizio Davolio, president of Italian Association for Responsible Tourism (AITR), who is now among the signatories of the Berlin Declaration

We are happy to announce that the AITR (Italian Association for Responsible Tourism) is now among the signatories of the Berlin Declaration on Transforming Tourism. (http://www.transforming-tourism.org/berlin-declaration-on-transforming-tourism.html). Elisa Spampinato met its president Maurizio Davolio. Tourism Concern: Hi Maurizio, for those unfamiliar with your organization AITR, how would you answer – in a sentence – the question […]

Marine Conservation Through Volunteering – The International Marine Volunteers

The International Marine Volunteers is a proud member of Fair Trade Tourism in South Africa. Fair Trade Tourism promote fair and responsible business practice across Africa through their membership and certification programmes. The Fair Trade Tourism membership scheme assists tourism businesses to develop a foothold on the path to sustainability through the use of custom-designed benchmarking toolkits. […]

Seed Madagascar’s approach to achieve best practice in volunteering

There is a certain dichotomy of thought in motivation for overseas volunteering that lies at the root of the abuses of voluntourism companies. Individuals often laudably recognise their charmed lives and consequently want to help those where problems are most acute. Yet this recognition of a privileged position does not always negate and can even […]

Ethical Volunteering Conference 2016

How to volunteer overseas ethically Anyone thinking of volunteering overseas should attend this Ethical Volunteering Conference. 10am to 3.30pm, Saturday, November 26th Braithwaite Hall, East Croydon, which is a 11 min train journey from London Bridge. Also fast, direct trains from Kings Cross, Gatwick, Luton, Brighton, Victoria and London Bridge. Tickets £15 including lunch Tourism […]

The Child-Centred Model of International Volunteering

Ben Lambert, is the Seaver Foundation’s 2016 programme coordinator and shares his thoughts and conclusions of his research, undertaken whilst a volunteer “Along their journey, The Seaver Foundation found that listening to children’s voices in terms of what they need, want, and feel during their interactions with volunteers on different projects, helps to create a positive experience for all.” […]

Slum Tourism – more than a matter of money

Academic Fabian Frenzel proposes a new way of evaluating slum tourism. Slum tourism, my current research interest, can be defined as a specific niche activity within international tourism. It describes the one million tourists that annually visit a slum, a township or a favela, normally in organised three-hour tours. But slum tourism can also be […]

Volunteering with Lions in South Africa – Things I wish I had known

Sarah Dyer explains why she supports CACH, a registered wildlife charity focused on exposing the shocking cruelty of the canned hunting industry: If, like me, you are passionate about the wonderful wildlife that this world has to offer then what could be better than working as a volunteer with the animals you love, on projects […]