Tourism Label Guide

Bio and fair trade are en vogue not just in day-to-day shopping, but more often than not also in holiday planning. “Fair travel” is in demand– but what is it that makes travelling “fair”? Currently, tourism boasts more than 100 quality labels worldwide. The small stickers with green leaves, radiant suns or blue flags are […]

Anthropology of Tourism: State of the Art and Beyond

Date:                 Wednesday 9th March, 2016 Time:                12.30 pm (with lunch) Venue:              Committee Room 3, Hendon Town Hall (The Burroughs, Hendon, London, NW4 4BQ) Chair:               Prof. David Harrison, Middlesex University London, UK Abstract:This lecture traces some of the theoretical and ethnographic lineages that have led to the present state of the […]

Homes into hotels

Travel writer Pat Yale lives in Turkey. Here she describes seeing at first hand the social impact of tourism on picturesque Göreme, where she bought a cave house almost twenty years ago.   While I’ve lived in Göreme, it’s grown from a remote Anatolian village with tourism on the side to a full-blown tourist resort […]

In this ethical boycott who wins?

Mel Keyte sets out the short term impact of a boycott aiming for long term change. Tourists used to flock to see the legendary ‘long-neck’ women in northern Thailand. Now, amid campaigns to ‘Stop the Human Zoo’, the steady stream of visitors has dried up. And so has their money. Propped up by a set of […]

Elephant Trekking – a do or a don’t?

Nammie Matthews discuses some of the issues around elephant trekking Thinking of heading to Thailand? Perhaps you’re one of almost a million visitors from the UK that flock yearly to the country, drawn in by its affordability, tropical climate and unfamiliar wildlife. With elephants holding sacred status there, trekking in Thailand with these gentle giants […]

Tourist killed by elephant

Following the killing of a British tourist by an elephant in Thailand, our Director has spoken out about the wider issues surrounding the use of elephants in tourism.  CH5 News has a short clip of this interview, with details of the tragedy; and whilst our thoughts are with the family, the context in which the tragedy […]

York St John University

York St John University Business School offers a number of undergraduate programmes in tourism, including Tourism Management, Tourism Management and Marketing and from September 2017; Tourism Management and Spanish. The tourism courses combine specific sectorial issues such as industry structure, culture, policy and social responsibility with key management areas such as Finance, Human Resources, Marketing […]

Look beyond ‘the traditions’…

We are all accustomed to the that ‘when in Rome, we should do as the Romans’. Generally speaking, this is good advice, for it errs on the side of asking us to respect the customs of our hosts, and this is surely polite and safe.  But what it some elements of this are merely ‘political […]