Empowering Coastal Communities in Southern India

Aggressive tourism development along the coast of Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India continues to exploit vulnerable communities, creating a range of human rights issues, from displacement and loss of livelihood, to social and environmental issues. This undermines traditional lifestyles. Our Tsunami of Tourism campaign (2007-09) raised awareness of many of these issues, and in […]

Fighting displacement in East Africa

One of the most severe effects of tourism development is the forced displacement of people from their homes. Our campaigning efforts focused particularly on the Maasai and other tribal people of East Africa. Tourism Concern was contacted by Maasai people from Tanzania asking for help, declaring quite simply in hand-written letters: “tourism is killing us.” […]

Displacement and land rights in Sri Lanka

Under our Tsunami and Displacement Project, Tourism Concern campaigned for the land and livelihood rights of tsunami-affected coastal communities in Sri Lanka. Following the 2004 tsunami, fishing communities that had lived by the sea for time immemorial were being permanently relocated to houses several kilometres inland, ostensibly to protect them from another tsunami. They could […]

Displacement caused by tourism

Tourism development has caused many communities to be forcibly displaced. Indigenous groups, people living in informal settlements, or who lack official title deeds to their lands are particularly vulnerable to displacement or loss of access to lands and waters essential for their livelihoods. This often happens with little or no warning, compensation or alternative provision. […]