5 Tips Cruise Lines Don’t Give You!

Cruising is everywhere and we’re all at it, though I’m not personally tempted to queue up for one of the 2,747 cabins on the new ‘Harmony of the Seas’.  So Tourism Concern’s new members’ briefing on the cruise industry may not be a happy read but it’s certainly a timely one. The first time Tourism […]

Cruise ships – a floating microcosm of our global economic hierarchy

Paul Myles, undercover reporter, highlights that Titanic-style divisions below deck on luxury cruises are still evident 100 years on, exploiting an international workforce. The Titanic, and its striking imagery of the cross-section of Edwardian life, is vividly ingrained on our imaginations. Upstairs: the luxury, the opulence, champagne and chandeliers. Below deck: Irish migrants, Italian waiters, the […]

Cruises Undercover

Reporter Paul Myles writes about his experience as an undercover waiter on board the cruise ship. Stepping off the ship after five weeks on board proved a bittersweet experience. My profound sense of relief was tainted as I thought about my colleagues back on the ship, forcing me to confront some uncomfortable truths about my […]