Residents in control: locally owned Favela Tours in Brazil

Residents in control: locally owned Favela Tours in Brazil In the first of a series of stories from Brazil about slum tourism, Elisa Spampinato shares her positive experience with Museu de Favela, which she came across whilst doing field research in Rio de Janeiro. Located on Cantagalo Hill in the centre of Rio de Janeiro, […]

Little Fishing Villages, Big Vision of Ecotourism in Brazil

A report by Felipe Zalamea of Sumak Travel: Sumak Travel supports a business model chosen by local communities who want tourism to provide a complementary, rather than the sole source of their income. The difference is critically important. We believe that mass tourism is unsustainable and prefer an approach focused on more diversified livelihoods. I wrote recently about how community-based […]

Slum Tourism

Is it ever right for tour operators to offer excursions to slums? Like us, you are probably uncomfortable with the idea of wealthy tourists paying money to look at poor people. But is there a way that such tours could ever be ethical and help alleviate poverty? “Poverty tourism”, “poorism”, “slum tourism”, “favela tours”, “township […]

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