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We offer independent travel, fair prices and full operational transparency. Our trips, standard or tailor-made, are a combination of community-based eco-tourism and visits to special-interest places and cities. A cost-efficient structure allows us to maximise the amount of money going straight to the local communities and at the same time to offer affordable trips

Ethical Commitment:

Sumak Kawsay means “good living” in Quechua. It is a concept, embraced by indigenous peoples in Latin America over the last two decades, that proposes a human-centred model for development. Sumak Kawsay embodies ideas of caring for people, cultures and nature; principles that are key to true, sustainable development. Sumak Travel, or “good, sustainable travel”, is a social enterprise that puts local communities and the environment at the centre of the model.

The local communities we work with are redistributing the income from tourism to create decent jobs and implement sustainable, long-lasting solutions to the problems they face. It is a complementary source of income that they use to improve their standard of living and to preserve their culture and environment.

2016 Tourism Concern Members Discount:

We are willing participants of the 2016 Tourism Concern discount voucher offer. New Tourism Concern members that receive a £100 discount voucher can redeem the discount with us (conditions apply: only available when you purchase a package valued at £2000+). Email us at the link below for more details.


Sumak Travel Tourism Concern


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