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343Julia MąkoszaPolandJan 14, 2019
342Ebipreye BikikoroCanadaits not nice when the volunteer leave and the children feel sad after the bond they made.Dec 19, 2018
341Helen WatkinsonUnited KingdomHG5 9HRNov 27, 2018
340Agustina FernándezArgentinaOct 08, 2018
339Konstanze TellerGermanySep 10, 2018
338Angela RoseUnited KingdomVoluntourism is not sustainable and needs to be mitigated, so positive action can be taken to minimise the damage caused to vulnerable children. May 30, 2018
337Sue ArmitageUnited KingdomHowever good the intentions, this is not the way to help vulnerable children - better to spend the money by investing in local projectsApr 29, 2018
336Peter MuthuiKenya00100Apr 01, 2018
335Sadie WattsMar 14, 2018
334Anupama BhattaraiNepalFeb 26, 2018
333Krisztina CampbellHungaryFeb 14, 2018
332Megan CaveUkFeb 01, 2018
331Rachel BleierUSAJan 16, 2018
330Kelly Scardina UsaTerrible Dec 28, 2017
329Anna bellaUnited StatesThis should speak for itself. I would bot support tours that have a children attraction. Nov 21, 2017
328Ursula BaurGermanyNov 15, 2017
327유현 황South KoreaNov 11, 2017
326rudy guericUnited KingdomNov 10, 2017
325Carolina PetrilliArgentinaOct 18, 2017
324Ellana CleryUnited Kingdomits not fair on the children to be torn away from there family for no reason just for our entertainment were using them as our playthingsOct 10, 2017
323Rose ParkRome Aug 21, 2017
322Christine PerssonSwedenJun 02, 2017
321Edilberto SanicoPhilippinesThis is a form of child trafficking.May 08, 2017
320max hendrick Namibia Please help orphanages built them school, and hostels May 06, 2017
319Ashley BaronganCanadaMay 03, 2017
318Alex KasatkinaCanadaMay 01, 2017
317Kenzi WalkerUnited States Apr 25, 2017
316Sneha RaiNepalSave the children !Apr 20, 2017
315Alba GonzalezUnited KingdomApr 18, 2017
314Sam KohneAustraliaApr 04, 2017
313Luciana SharraAlbaniaPlease do respect the rights of children and think of their best interest! Think about empowering the locals and long-term educators to serve those children with commitment, love and integrity. Mar 28, 2017
312Gemma HaywoodUKUnethical and shamefulMar 18, 2017
311Gillian WalkerMar 16, 2017
310Brianne FiebelkornCanadaMar 12, 2017
309Tatenda WardUnited KingdomI agree with the petition, volunteering in orphanages has become something which people just want to do to improve their CV's. I feel that donations should be made to employ full-time locals rather than make orphanages a stepping stone for rich kids looking for something they can add to their conversations. Mar 07, 2017
308Cassia McCannBrazil#StopOrphanTripsFeb 10, 2017
307Sam LarkinsBhutanThis is wrong, lets fight for them.Feb 07, 2017
306Evgeny GordeevUnited KingdomSad and Really sadFeb 07, 2017
305Courtney DowsettUnited Kingdomsad and destressingFeb 07, 2017
304Helena KlingvallSwedenJan 22, 2017
303zakaria zaakouMaroc50040Jan 18, 2017
302Helen Burfield-MillsNew Zealand5512Dec 18, 2016
301echchagari hichamMoroccoDec 11, 2016
300Kumba JawaraUnited Kingdomtogether we can put an end to this!Dec 08, 2016
299Josh HamiltonUnited KingdomNov 24, 2016
298kate stefankoUnited KingdomME13 8AXNov 03, 2016
297Penny O'DonnellUnited KingdomNov 03, 2016
296Marylyle McCueUnited States19119Nov 01, 2016
295Jack KingUnited KingdomSigning for a good cause!Nov 01, 2016
294Reagan WaldripUnited StatesOct 23, 2016
Children-Are-Not-For-Sale lrgThe petition will be used to persuade tour operators to end voluntourism placements in orphanages, which is why it is important as many people as possible sign the petition. Please circulate the petition to your friends, family and professional networks and consider donating towards our efforts to publicise this issue: help us put an end to vulnerable children being used to sell ‘holidays’.




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