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Soulscape is the latest Member of Tourism Concern’s Ethical Tour Operators Group. It is a UK-based ethical wellness travel company who create enriching travel experiences rooted in creative learning, cultural immersion and complete wellbeing. Their team spends months in each destination digging out knowledge about local history, culture and making friendships with local artisans, yogis, craftsmen and their way of life to weave together 7 days of creative learning, cultural immersion and wellbeing. Each Soulscape experience is an incubator where your mental, emotional, spiritual, social, environmental and physical wellbeing is encouraged. Some have found Soulscape to be transformative, spiritual, rejuvenating, meaningful, exciting and more.

Learn from master artisans, explore the richness of local cultures and bask in a state of complete well being. No matter what it is that you may be seeking, this exclusive, handcrafted experience will provide complete enrichment. They have an ethical approach towards curating all their travel experiences. They strive to make sustainable choices from accommodation, travel to activities and believe in building relationships with local communities rooted in fair pricing, honesty and respect.

They support local talents and economies. From local musicians to artisans and craftspeople, they strive to bring onboard local collaborators to join them in delivering incredibly rich and meaningful travel experience. They believe in offering fair wages and conditions to all artisans and collaborators. They care about local agriculture. So much of getting to know a culture it getting to know the local food. That’s why they try their best to source locally grown, organic produce to cook up delicious vegetarian meals that become a showcase of the local cuisine in itself.

They provide clarity in all information shared with collaborators and guests and believe in earning respect through honesty. They prefer sustainable choices and actively discourage unethical practices around waste, energy consumption, food consumption and opt for more sustainable choices regarding things like accommodation and transportation.

They have respect and gratitude for local people in all their destinations who allow them into their lives and do not compromise mutual respect under any circumstances.

Special offer for Tourism Concern Members

8 days yoga, creative learning, cultural immersion & ethical wellness travel experience in the Himalayas
5 – 12 August 2018 | Ule, Ladakh, India
Recharge your mind & body with daily yoga and meditation, locally sourced organic vegetarian foods, get exclusive access to lesser known cultures and creative experiences for a truly unique and soul-opening week in the Himalayas.

50% OFF Special intro offer for Tourism Concern members (ends 4th June 2018) | 50% off £3,000 £1,500 per person (excluding flights)

For more information, please visit their website    | Or contact: Nabeena Mali 

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