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With five Responsible Tourism Award nominations internationally, ‘Socialtours’ actively promotes responsibility in travels and tours and corporate practice in Nepal and worldwide. We provide offbeat travel experiences in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan focusing on responsible tourism, preserving culture and environment, and also maximising contribution to the local economy.

The experiences at socialtours fall under four different categories of products:

1/ GO LOCAL | Discover secrets only locals know – has trip extensions, half day, full day and overnight experiences – walks, cycle journeys, and cultural activities that highlight your trip with a very local flavour

2/ GET ACTIVE | Soft adventure with professionals – has all our active holidays – trekking, biking, paragliding, rafting etc but focussing on off beat and remote experiences that help spread the money into the economy. Of course, some iconic adventure is also offered

3/ GET IMMERSED | Special interest travel – brings you up and close to a subject matter – be it rice planting, festivals, shamanism, honey hunting etc. with deep immersive travel

4/ GET INVOLVED | Philanthropic travel – shows you the other side of travel, where you come in contact with the real country and make a positive impact from your travel, directly or indirectly.

Most Trips are a combination of some or all of the categories, and have a mix custom tailored to the requirements of the traveller, each trip highlighting special interests to make it special.

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members. We will ensure that Tourism Concern members get special status in all their travels – this will include a combination of special prices and member benefits in service when they arrive in Nepal for their travels in Nepal, Tibet or Bhutan.

We engage in several social activities and have designed our own fund raising campaigns – including the very popular Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge, in its fourth year, which raises funds to build birthing facilities in Nepal. To date this has raised about 35,000 USD in four years from crowd sourcing using cycling as an activity.

  • 10 years ago we started an award-winning school partnership between Germany and Nepal that has used education as a conduit to improve lifestyles in Nepali villages.
  • We contribute around 10% of profits into charity and 10% on staff welfare.
  • We promote off beat tourism increasing the positive benefits of tourism in rural communities
  • We train guides and porters enhancing skills and income levels. 

We monitor our local contribution into the economy in our tours and treks, looking into ways to maximise the impact that tourism can have on the local economy. We also work hard on spread of income, bringing crucial tourism money into rural economies in areas hitherto untouched – engaging in food tourism, agro tourism, and handicrafts tourism. 

We have a very strong environmental policy, applied both on the field and also in the office. We recycle all our paper into promotional materials and use only fair trade decor in our office. We have a strict energy use policy in the office to ensure minimal energy usage including avoiding work at night.

  • We have a no plastics practice in the field, actively discouraging the use of plastics in travel.
  • We are involved in national campaigns to this effect including the BANNING of plastics in National Parks. 

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