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Living like a local can be enlightening, and enormously satisfying as a tourist focused on ethical and sustainable travel. Whether you are volunteering through an organised programme, or simply hankering to sample a culture in a foreign neighbourhood, a new partnership recently formed between and Tourism Concern opens up a broader selection of travel options for all members. This unique partnership, founded on shared values, offers 75% off the price of any membership option available from HouseSitMatch – opening up a new world of affordable and sustainable travel adventures for all.

HouseSitMatch helps you find sitters for your home and pets – you travel with peace of mind…

As an organisation that facilitates affordable travel through an exchange of services where both parties benefit equally, at HouseSitMatch we are great exponents and enablers of affordable and ethical travel. As a housesitting platform we offer a social space for people to meet and make their housesitting arrangements – one party housesitting in someone else’s home caring responsibly for the absent owner’s property and pets, keeping things safe and secure, in exchange for free accommodation. As a home and pet owner this means you can travel with peace of mind knowing a responsible member of the network is caring for your property and pets in your absence. Empty properties make for easy targets for burglary and theft. Securing house-sitters for your empty property can secure your home and minimise the chance of any trouble.

A Homeowner’s Story:

Janice and her husband Bill are selling their home in Costa Rica, and returning to the US. They need house-sitters to care for their property and to show visitors around. It is in a stunning but isolated location, in the heart of the jungle and therefore susceptible to burglars. The sitters will likely be needed for 4-8 months while the sale is processed to keep the property safe and secure. This could be a great adventure for a couple keen on sustainable and ethical travel options, housesitting here will offer Janice and Bill a great service and occupy a home that would otherwise stand empty and vulnerable.

Live like a local rent-free as a house-sitter caring for someone’s home and property…

The great benefit to be gained in housesitting, apart from a new uncharted adventure and free accommodation for the sitter, as well as free housesitting services for the owner, is the opportunity for the sitter to enjoy a new destination, and to gain cultural insights by living like a local – often with top tips and local insights offered by the owner before they travel.

A House-Sitter’s Story:

Janet was looking for a new challenge. Recently retired from a sales position in the US she was hoping to find a project to work on until her husband also retires in a year or so. He is currently engaged in a project in Scandinavia. Meanwhile she found a six month housesit in Lézignan-Corbières near Narbonne in the Languedoc. She had always wanted to learn French, and to discover a new culture. Throwing herself into life in a new neighbourhood in France sounded like a great adventure. If she could help someone by caring for their property all the better. Meanwhile, Lynne’s family who are based in the US had owned the village house in France for some years, but the house had been empty since the death of an elderly relative. And they wanted to bring the home back to life in order to sell. The woman met online through the HouseSitMatch network and organised themselves to exchange services. Janet now housesits and cares for Lynne’s property and Lynne is able to organise viewings through the local estate agent with someone (Janet) present to manage the presentation and care of an older property.

75% Membership Discount for all Tourism Concern Members!

Our partnership with Tourism Concern is based on a shared philosophy of ethical and sustainable travel where both parties benefit equally. By working with Tourism Concern, HouseSitMatch has achieved an ambition to extend our members’ opportunities to travel ethically and sustainably, and to gain cultural insights from new communities without fear of exploiting that local community. Tourism Concern’s members will secure 75% off any membership programme at HouseSitMatch for both house-sitters and homeowners. Join today and help to build a sustainable growing network for ethical travel! For HouseSitMatch 75% off membership – quote coupon code = TOURCO75.

HouseSit Match are an ethical travel partner of Tourism Concern. For more information, check out HouseSit match here!

By Lamia Walker, Founder


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