Tourism Concern is currently being deregistered as a charity by its trustees, following closure.   While the website is archived this page, which has not been changed since closure, will continue to be published as a record of the organisation in 2019, with content added to reflect its changing profile over 30 years. We expose tourism’s […]

The Issue Tourism development in Burma (increasingly referred to as Myanmar) has been explicitly linked with mass human rights abuses perpetrated by the ruling military regime, including displacement and forced labour. Tourism revenues have served to line the pockets of the generals and helped furnish them with a veneer of legitimacy, while providing limited benefit to […]

The Bahamian islands of Bimini are famed for their pristine beaches and rich marine life, making them a popular holiday destination. In 2005, Bimini’s natural habitats and the livelihoods of local residents came under threat from the development of a mega-resort on North Bimini island – the Bimini Bay Resort and Marina. The project, overseen […]