Cruise Tourism briefing launched Our timely new briefing, Cruise Tourism – what’s below  the surface?  was successfully launched at a special event in March 2016. The briefing is available via either of the buttons below, as are all our reports and Member briefings. The cruise tourism sector is now outpacing leisure or land-based travel. In fact, according to research from the United […]

More and more people are going on a cruise – whether on small ships around Scotland or the gigantic new cruise ships that dominate the Caribbean seas. But is this form of tourism ethical and sustainable? Is it acceptable ethically to take a cruise? Below are some issues for you to consider. You can read […]

Nicola Hill’s analysis of what’s happening in this industry: Every year, over 19 million people, 12 million from North America, ready their sea legs and set sail on a variety of cruise ships around the world. The global cruise ship industry earns upwards of $36 billion in revenue each year, a number that is set […]

Dr Xavier Font, Leeds Metropolitan University The cruise sector has been criticized in the past for poor environmental and labour practices and limited positive impacts on the destinations they visit. Some cruise brands have responded by developing systems to manage their impacts and report their practices, while a great majority have not felt the need […]

Alison Stancliffe tells the story of how a passion for justice helped to bring about postive change in the world’s biggest industry. 1988 I started a new British network, calling it Tourism Concern. Why the name? Well, tourism was the world’s newest growth industry. New destinations were filling the brochures to cater for ever rising […]

Whilst everything may look idyllic in the glossy Iceland travel brochures, beneath the surface, things are not quite so rosy. For many, the decision of a school tour operator to stop selling one of the most popular overseas school trip destinations may seem like a crazy idea. Since there is the potential to lose clients […]

The first piece of research I ever undertook was at A level, (in the early 80’s) looking at tourist honeypot sites – sites that attract a large number of tourists which not only cause over tourism issues at the site but also result in other locations left unvisited. Over-tourism and honeypot sites are not a […]

The International Marine Volunteers is a proud member of Fair Trade Tourism in South Africa. Fair Trade Tourism promote fair and responsible business practice across Africa through their membership and certification programmes. The Fair Trade Tourism membership scheme assists tourism businesses to develop a foothold on the path to sustainability through the use of custom-designed benchmarking toolkits. […]