Samahita Retreat

Samahita Retreat was established in 2003 on Koh Samui, and is known as the island’s hidden gem.  Formerly known as ”Yoga Thailand”, our full service retreat centre features 40 rooms, a detox and wellness centre and the celebrated health-food restaurant, Sattva Dining.

Samahita Retreat is located on a peaceful beach, away from the busy tourist areas and chosen for its proximity to the important cultural and historical landmark, Laem Sor Pagoda.

Choose from a range of detox, health and wellness spa options, including relaxing massage and de-stress programmes or simply relax and enjoy a healthy beach holiday.

Through our Centered Yoga foundation we plan activities for staff and guests to support our local community by repainting schools, temples and deep cleaning the beach area. Our centre is based around yogic principals of caring for one another and non- violence. We also sponsor those in need to access yoga training by offering scholarships for teaching training courses. For more information on our The Centered Foundation please visit: 

  • We provide a kids’ club for the local community and the children of our staff.
  • We provide financial support for the children of our staff.
  • We offer discounts for local people.
  • We try to involve local people in decisions and help to support local businesses.
  • We consider local candidates as first priority when hiring. 

Below is a list of the environmental policies at Samahita:

  • Composting food waste.
  • Rain water collection.
  • Use of solar panels for heating water.
  • Use of recycled grey water for gardens.
  • Use of biodegradable cleaning and laundry supplies.
  • We provide and sell biodegradable body products for our guests.
  • Our shop sells local and handmade natural products.
  • We use refillable water bottles and provide mineral drinking water. (No plastic waste).
  • The majority of our food is home made.
  • We are currently developing our own organic farm on which will grow fruit and vegetables for use at the centre.
  • We buy fresh, organic and locally wherever possible.
  • We are a smoke and alcohol free environment.
  • We do not use plastic bags in waste bins.
  • We wash bed sheets and linen only on request.

Samahita offer a host of eco-friendly design features:

  • Solar-powered hot water.
  • Mosquito screens for cross ventilation.
  • Energy-saving magnetic key cards.
  • Low energy appliances.
  • Photo sensor light switches.
  • Low-flush water-saving toilet and bathroom fixtures.
  • Structured brick-work that minimizes both energy and sound loss.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • There is air conditioning available for guest comfort, however we encourage the use of the fans and breeze from open windows as much as possible. 



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