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Ssafari-consultants_src_1afari Consultants are leading specialists in tailor made safari holidays. They offer a range of holiday options across fourteen very different countries, with accommodation and safari options to accommodate to a variety of clients; from the adventurous single travellers, honeymooners, groups of friends and to those wanting a more luxurious holiday.

They do all this whilst practicing and promoting responsible tourism and ensuring their operations benefit local communities, by providing employment and education, in addition to being environmentally sustainable.

Ethical Commitment:

Safari Consultants believe that safari tourism plays a hugely important role in helping to preserve Africa’s wild habitats and creatures. Without tourists, the game will quickly disappear. However, tourism needs to be properly managed, benefit the local communities and impact on the environment as little as possible. They have a comprehensive and thorough Responsible Tourism Policy which complements Tourism Concerns’ mission and principles.

Working with travel partners within Africa, some of who are amongst World leaders in Responsible Tourism, most of the safari companies they work with are involved in some way or other with local community projects, health clinics, and rural schools, as well as in wildlife and habitat protection. It is common these days for local communities to enjoy full or part-ownership of land set aside specifically for wildlife-based tourism.

2016 Tourism Concern Members Discount:

We are willing participants of the 2016 Tourism Concern discount voucher offer. New Tourism Concern members that receive a £100 discount voucher can redeem the discount with us (conditions apply: only available when you purchase a package valued at £2000+). Email us at the link below for more details.



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