Tourism Concern to speak at Responsible Tourism summit, India

inidaTourism Concerns Executive Director is a guest speaker at the Responsible Tourism Summit, hosted in New Delhi on the 9th December. The event has been organised by the Outlook Group, which published Outlook Traveller, which, launched in 2001, was the first significant magazine aimed squarely at the Indian tourist.

The Secretary, Tourism, Government of India will also be attending the conference as the guest of honour and the day also includes presentations from international and local experts on responsible tourism. The full agenda is available via their website

Over the years, Outlook Traveller has featured several articles advancing the philosophy of Responsible Tourism, and has endeavoured to inculcate in its readers the spirit of this Response Tourism initiative. Indicatively, the magazine has written extensively on tourism initiatives in rural areas in India where the local communities stand to benefit directly from tourism enterprises, such as village homestays, and conservation projects that protect endangered species with the help of local communities. This Responsible Tourism campaign ties in squarely with that philosophy.



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