Red Rocks Rwanda

Red Rocks Ecotourism Initiatives is an organization that is steeped in history. Its name is derived from the red rocks that resulted from historic events that took place in northern Rwanda about 700 years ago.
Back in the 14th Century when the volcanic mountains of Muhabura and Sabyinyo were still active, they used to erupt and send red rocks rolling down the volcanoes. Some of these residues can still be found at all Red Rocks Camps and hostels in the Northern part of Rwanda (Musanze district),South eastern part of Uganda(Kisoro district), and Eastern part of Congo (Goma).

At Red Rocks we offer employment opportunity to the locals who participate in showcasing our culture to visitors, we also educate them about gender equality and respect of each other. At our premises we do have a display of antique objects which were used by our forefather even before the arrival of colonialists.

We use tourism a a tool to eradicate poverty and create economic development of the locals,since they do work at our premises we usually give them salary and even in most cases they benefit from tips after they have entertained guests, and all these is done by both male and females thus enhancing gender equality to the locals. 

We do offer local awareness of the advantages of protecting our environment, we teach them how minimizing the side effects of the environment is vital for the well being our our country and the globe at large.Since we are located near the volcanoes national park we usually educate them on the conservation of natural habitats since they attract tourists who in turn give us foreign exchange and make them be employed.


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