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Since being founded in 2008 we have taken over 5,000 people on an amazing life-changing adventure challenges and, in doing so, have helped to raise over £10m for charitable causes across the world.

Whether you choose to Climb Kilimanjaro for Charity, trek to Everest Base Camp or sign up for a truly epic Cycle Challenge in the Pyrenees, we can guarantee your charity challenge or self-funded adventure will be one you’ll never forget!

Ethical Commitment:

Our responsible tourism and environmental policies form an integral part of Really Wild Challenges’ how we operate. Our overseas challenges visit some of the world’s most amazing places and we want to help preserve them as much as possible for future generations!

We believe that more than anything it is the people around you who really make an adventure special. That’s why we think we go further than any other company in helping the people who live in the countries we visit. To us, responsible tourism means treating all our partners fairly and ensuring they are properly remunerated for their hard work and commitment to each and every challenge.

Really Wild Challenges also operates ‘Choose a Challenge’. Choose a Challenge is the UK’s leading overseas challenge operator for university students and is proud to be a member of Tourism Concern’s Ethical Tour Operator Group. In addition to helping great charities here in the UK raise millions of pounds towards their work, Choose a Challenge also aims to promote the cross-cultural aspect of all our trips and we encourage all challenge participants to take an active interest in the wellbeing of the dedicated staff who support them during their time overseas.

Past participants have also donated clothing and equipment to porters in Tanzania and helped renovate schools in porter communities in the Peruvian Andes and the Himalaya. Find out more about Choose a Challenge here.



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