Palmleaves beach

Stay in a slice of tropical beach paradise, virtually on the beach in a Kerala fishing village. Enjoy local food, ayurveda, Yoga and rejuvenate oneself.

Palmleaves is a family run beach accommodation, located on a pristine, secluded and unexplored stretch of a beautiful beach in Trivandrum, Kerala. It is in a village 15 kms from Trivandrum Airport and the city.
We have 15 rooms with sea view balconies, we also have a pool overlooking the sea. Palmleaves is set in a coconut plantation nearest to the beach.

We have an open air restaurant overlooking the beach serving local and international dishes. It is thatched with Palmleaves – WIFI is available in common area. As a family run property, we are responsible for your well being and we will take care of our guests as a part of our family. Moreover we provide Ayurvrda wellness programmes and also Yoga for relaxation and rejuvenation.

For travelers looking for a beach holiday in a tropical paradise, you’ve found the right spot! Palmleaves is situated in a rural area, away from popular tourist spots. Our guests can experience local village life, enjoy sea fishing, experience local culture and traditions, visit the local botanical & orchid gardens, meet local people and also enjoy home cooked local food when with us.

Our employees are local people. We make sure that we promote responsible and ethical tourism by being responsible to our guests, employees and the local community. We take care to maximise local benefit.

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members, along with exclusive deals depending on the season. We could offer up to 40% off for members depending on season – contact us to learn more!

We care for the local community and ensure that all our employees are from the local area. We have 7 full time and 7 part time staff. We recruit from local area, train them and pay a fair wage. Moreover we contribute financially and through other means in social development of the local area.

As we are a part of the local society we make sure that, our guests in no way trouble the local people. We are very selective in this regard. We have tour programmes which guide our guests to explore the local area, away from the tourist trail.

We purchase locally & employ local people. We pay the same wage for both male and female staff and provide them with enough freedom with very few restrictions. Majority of the people staying with us enjoy the village life and we promote local journies; from fishing to visiting local attractions.

We can proudly say that we are able to support at least local 10 families either directly or indirectly.

We are a energy efficient organisation by simple design. From solar water heating to drying clothes under Sun, we do all that can be done. We are not a fancy luxury hotel, but a sustainable accommodation provider aimed at providing a great natural experience to our guests.

We have planted trees and plants in our compound and maintain it regularly. We recycle waste and dispose off this waste responsibility.



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