Pachamama Turismo Alternativo

Pachamama Turismo Alternativo is a local tourism operator that promotes alternative and responsible tourism in Peru. Supporting intercultural exchange between travellers and locals in an interdependent, durable and respectful way, we offer our clients the opportunity to know places and communities different from the traditionnal tourism thanks to our programs covering Peru and Bolivia.

We belong to the CIAP Family, an organization of Peruvian craftsmen encouraging sustainable development, fair trade and interdependent economy. Pachamama considers interdependent and social economy as work bases and ethical principles, integrating values of sustainable development in the realization of touristic routes.

We favor intercultural exchange between the visitors and the local population, in a responsible, sustainable and environmental-friendly approach. Thanks to our programs covering all Peru and part of Bolivia, we endeavour to offer our visitors the opportunity to know places and communities different than the ones found in traditional tourism.

Our years of experiment in the field of alternative and responsible tourism enable us to adapt each program to your request and to organize at your disposal logistics necessary for good progress of your stay in Peru. Out of the ordinary, adventure-filled or peaceful, this journey looks like you: it is your travel!

We are willing to provide an exclusive benefit to Tourism Concern Members. We can offer Tourism Concern Members one of the following:

1/ A class in a workshop of ceramics


2/ A meal with folklorical dance show in Cuzco


3/ A 5% discount on the total price of any programme on a base of 4 people.

(these options cannot be combined)

We promote Peruvian culture and tradition. We further intercultural exchanges and sharing between locals and tourists. Pachamama is a member of the CIAP (Interregional Confederation of Peru´s Craftsmen) family, acting for fair trade and social economy.

Pachamama supports local communities and craftsmen through sustainable projects that aim at improving the tourist experience but also the living conditions of these populations. Thanks to alternative programmes, the visitors can share the traditions and everyday life of local communities, but also discover Peru´s History and culture 

One part of the profits goes directly to the craftsmen or to sustainable projects which aim to improve local communities living conditions.

We further the tourist participation in local agricultural and crafts activities, and we propose family housing in local communities. Tours in small groups with less than 10 people in order to preserve the destination´s authenticity 

We raise ecological awereness among travelers, populations and employees. Integration of a participation to carbone neutrality in our tours to support reforestation in Iquitos Region. 2007: Construction of ecological toilets in Puno.



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