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NS Travel & Tours is one of the leading tour operators in Thailand located in Bangkok. We have been in business for over 35 years, offering a wide range of customized and personalized tours in and around Thailand, for visitors seeking authentic and unforgettable holiday experiences.

We understand tourism not as a mere leisure activity but as an educational yet pleasant journey to unknown countries and cultures. We put a strong focus on bringing long-term & sustainable development to the regions we promote by working closely with local providers and using local products.  Our Serenata sister hotels train and employ residents from the local communities and NS Travel & Tours funds regional development projects such as schools and orphanages.

Amongst our many programmes are alternative stays, ‘for responsible tourists willing to travel differently’:

  • Community Based Tourism (CBT)
  • Green initiatives, namely reforestation programs
  • A selection of so called ‘eco lodges’ or rather approaching this concept
  • Home stays with local activities
  • Social stays with humanitarian activities (teaching, etc…)
  • Excursions without emission of CO² (programs with bicycle, etc.)

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