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Since its inception in 1992, Nepal Vision Treks & Expeditions has become the leading adventure travel specialist based in Nepal. We specialize in adventurous travel holidays in the Himalayas of Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and India. We offer some of the most popular trekking holidays including Everest Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Base Camp Trek and the likes. We are among the leaders in peak expeditions in Nepal. Our track record of successful expeditions, trekking and other adventure holiday activities testify our growth over the decades.

Whether your idle holiday in the Himalayas is trekking as near as possible to some of the most magical Himalayan peaks, or experiencing the rich cultural lives of the Himalayan people including the Sherpas, we arrange you the treks and expeditions that surpass your expectations. Our tour leaders and guides are extremely knowledgeable with hard-earned experience. Most of them are locals who know the places inside out. They make sure that you conclude your trek with wonderful memories. The fact that over 70% of our guests recommend our holidays to their family and friends speaks volumes about our services.

Nepal Vision Treks and Expeditions commits itself to the spirit of responsible tourism. We believe in making positive impact on the lives and societies of the destinations where we operate our treks. We create employment opportunities in the places we operate in that many guides, tour leaders as well as porters are local people. Our aim is to set an example in the trekking and tourism sector of Nepal by contributing to the betterment of societies.

We are willing to provide Tourism Concern members with a 5% discount on the total cost of program, plus free welcome meals, farewell meals, and a city tour.

Our programs are designed to facilitate the inclusion of natural, cultural and historical heritage of the regions we operate in. Most of the regions we operate in are solely managed and operated by local based communities, therefore, increasing the chances of their livelihood and equal participation. Briefing the tourists on local culture, lifestyle and practices before initiating any program is always our foremost priority. 

We encourage tourists to buy local and hand-made products from local craftspeople, which helps enhance the local economy by generating additional income, More than 80% of our staff hail from the rural communities in Nepal, hence ensuring social equity and regional prosperity. The scale of pay, benefits and job description is designed with direct talk with all our staff, the workers union and employers.

We encourage tourists to carry and use only bio-degradable products during the entire tour. Use of plastic, improper disposable of waste and excretion is unacceptable, therefore, we ensure our guides brief tourists with information of natural conservation and cleanliness. Along with our staff and local governing bodies, we have organized two successful clean-up campaigns in the remote trekking trail of Manaslu circuit in western Nepal.



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