Come embrace native folks, go back home with stories of having met some amazing people, travelled to some exotic locations, having absorbed the rich local culture, and memories/bonds that you shall cherish forever!

Nativefolks is launched in the true spirit of tourism. To facilitate a cultural exchange between people, promote love and bonding, a learning experience and some time for self-reflection for the travelers. We strive to carry out green tourism activities to promote offbeat locations of India which helps the local communities grow.

We are able to offer a 5% discount to all Tourism Concern Members.

We provide a direct economic benefit for the Host of the Homestay. We also provide various avenue for other livelihood opportunities relating to tourism, such as Women Self-help groups that prepare meals for the guest, local drivers for transporting guests, also guides are from the same community who carry out village tours & activities, and ambassadors promoting the local brand of Nativefolk.

We focus on Preserving local culture and heritage – Soon registering a society at village level to carry out further developmental activities. 

  • We maximise the contribution of tourism to the economic prosperity of the local area, including the proportion of visitor spending that is retained locally.
  • We seek a widespread and fair distribution of economic and social benefits from tourism throughout the local community, including improving opportunities, income and services available to the poorest.
  • We strengthen the number and quality of local jobs created and supported by tourism, including the level of pay, conditions of service and availability to all without discrimination by gender, race, disability or in other ways.
  • 80% of the earnings go to the local community!!

We have a waste management system in place. Also we communicate to our guests in advance to be responsible towards the environment. We are soon going to launch a discount for guests who use public transport to travel to the location and around. Also the local governace body is aware of the tourists coming to the location and we encourage environmentally sound behaviour.

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