Thank you for supporting Tourism Concern and adding your voice to our Campaign for Better Tourism and a more just and equitable tourism industry.

As a Member you are helping us to:

  • improve working conditions for tourism workers.
  • lobby UK tour operators to be more socially responsible.
  • develop guidelines for best practice for adoption by industry and governments.
  • give a voice to local communities threatened by tourism overdevelopment.

We also work closely with our Ethical Tour Operators GroupEthical Volunteering Group and carefully selected Ethical Travel Partners to provide information to help travellers and tourists make better and more informed choices about their holidays, so that their experiences can be as good for the people they visit as for themselves.

Tourism Concern Reports and Member Briefings

You can download our reports and past editions of the In Focus magazine from the Reports page

Further, as a Member you can:

  • Connect with any of partners (Ethical Tour Operators, Ethical Volunteering Group or anyone listed in the Ethical Travel. Guide) who will be happy to provide you with discounts or exclusive benefits when booking a trip.
  • Freely download our latest reports and past In Focus magazines
  • Use the coupon code (TCMEM17) to receive free or discounted entry at our events and conferences.
  • 10% discount on Travel Insurance using voucher code TCMEM15
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