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The Materuni Village is located on the northern part of Moshi town, only 15KM from the town center. It is also the last village before entering the Kilimanjaro national park and sit approximately 1’900m above sea level. We pride ourselves on providing our clients with a once in a life time experience of cultural tourism and immersion. Our well-educated and professional tour guides understand the importance of customer care. You will be in good hands.
The Materuni Village Tours (MVT) is one of the registered cultural tourism programs in Tanzania-with registration number CTP/REG/0039. Registered by Tanzania Tourists Board,
MVT is mostly known for working with the local people. MVT it an exclusive operator of Materuni Village Tours, offering the following tour activities: village walks, guided waterfall hike, coffee tours, local primary schools visit, Chagga traditional dance, bike tours, traditional Chagga local food, cooking classes, banana beer experience, home stays and camping with a unique view on the Kilimandjaro.
MVT also believes in preserving and respecting the traditional culture of the local people as well as the natural environment of the village. For this reason 10% of all profit goes directly to our community foundation that supports local clinics, buys food and other necessities for those most in need. The foundation also pays for schooling and house rehabilitations for those in need. All of our guides are indigenous to the Materuni Village area covered by our operations.
All ingredients for lunch and the cooking class are organically grown in the Materuni village. We pride ourselves on paying fair market prices for all goods used during our tours. You will also be able to purchase locally made items such as roasted coffee beans, wooden coffee cups, milk jugs, and really cool tote bags made of banana leaves.

We have our village hospital so if anyone in the village gets sick we pay for his or her medics. 

We support local primary schools in our village. 

Tree Planting once in each year, last year we managed to plant 100 trees. 


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