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Mano a Mano is a non-profitable organisation that is carrying on projects of development in a Northern slum of Lima, Peru. All the benefits from the activity of tourism are used to finance the various projects of the association. Thus, tourists can come, to discover all the projects carried on by the association. It permits raising awareness among tourists as regards the condition people live there.

In other words, Mano a Mano allows tourists to have a different vision of Lima, and to come closer from the local people and their real everyday life. It is another way to travel that combines meetings, sharing, discovering, and being engaged for a cause. Visiting Mano a Mano contributes to the development of our projects and thus directly impacts positively the territory where we are established and sustains the communities where we work, as well as it allows the tourists to discover the life of marginalized Peruvian areas.

Mano to Mano Peru has 5 dormitories to be rented to tourists who wish to participate and help us on our projects. The space that we offer is a floor with kitchen, ideal for a night or a few days. We offer several services such as access to the internet, a washing machine, a catering service, a pastry service and the possibility to relax in a space reserved for the travellers. This floor also includes a small library.

Finding Us: The Mano à Mano organization can put at your disposal a safe taxi driver to pick you up at the airport.

Catering: You can place your orders at the restaurant for any meal of the day, this activity is also a source of funding and actively participates in the financial independence of the association. The association also manages a bakery that offers very good sweet or savoury snacks and fresh fruit juices.

Traditional handicraft: The association also manages a sewing shop. So we sell traditional handicrafts, made by the women of the association. You will also find beautiful postcards made by the members of the association. Once again ‘ buy local ‘, allows to provide significant financial assistance to the association.

Guided tours: Guided tours of Lima can be carried out by a member of Mano a Mano Peru. He is not a professional but he will probably help you understanding and facilitating your orientation in this gigantic urban space.

Mano a Mano can offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members.

The actions developed are mostly linked to social inclusion, and giving a better access to health, culture and education for the inhabitants. 80% of the members of the association is composed of people living in the slum. In that way, the local population is directly involved and concerned by the activities that are carried out. Letting discover this environment and its inhabitants to the tourists, also permit to let them know the culture and traditions of the people that are living there.

Moreover, since tourists are coming to discover the culture of the inhabitants, it increases the esteem people can have for their culture. Indeed, they often are proud to see that people are interested in their traditions. So, it is a way to help them appropriate their own heritage.

So the activity of solidarity tourism in Mano a Mano highly participate to strengthen the quality of life in the community as well as it enhances the cultural heritage of the local inhabitants.

All benefits produced by the activity of tourism are redistributed to the various projects that are carried out. Lots of social structures have already been constructed and cultural activities are also organised. Those activities are mostly linked to ecology, environment, cultural heritage or literature.

So, since all the benefits from the tourism activity are used to keep carrying on the various projects in the slum, it highly contributes to the development of the community and to the social and economic prosperity of the local area.

Furthermore, the association is almost entirely constituted from people coming themselves from the slum. So, the people that are working for it, are local inhabitants. Thus, the activity of tourism is managed by local Peruvian. Each person is employed in a formal way, declared and have a work contract to do those activities. So, the all team is benefiting social rights, which is not the case for the majority of the people living in the slum. 

The association tries to respect the environment and to protect every environmental resources. In order to do this, all the dishes are selected to participate to the recycling of garbage. The waste water is used to water the plants of the parks that were built.

Furthermore, lots of classes and workshops are organised by the association for both adults and children. The aim of those interventions are to intend raising awareness among people as regards environmental issues. For example, composter bins have been constructed with the children. Those composter bins are now used to compost all the organic dishes produced by the solidarity restaurant.

Since we have lots of organic dishes every day, we also have an earthworm farm to accelerate the decomposition of the products. The ground is then used for the various plantations in the parks. Children have also made insect hotels to help the protection and conservation of the fauna in the area. 



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