Magnificent Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd

Magnificent Travels and Tours is a company of a group of professional tourism practitioners of Nepal. Its members have played important role in expanding the sphere of international tourism in Nepal.

We offer:

  • Accommodation
  • Excursions / tour
  • Food / Drink (for general visitors
  • Trekking
  • Diving
  • Community / cultural visits

We provide life insurance to all our employees. Tour & trekking guides as well as the porters working for us,  are all above 20 years of age.  Our employees know a lot of information about the localities which we visit and work with on  the tour and trekking routes. They speak local languages and know how to interact with the locals respectfully. They avoid using non renewable products. 

We have been donating a percentage of our profit to a local primary school that pays the salary of two of its teachers since 2002. The school is located at Dhading district, one of the remote places of Nepal.  We support the family of our porters.  We believe that tourism in this country can play important role eradicating poverty and making everyone happy. 

We train our staff and porters to make them live the ideas of environmentally friendly professionalism. We suggest to them that they  decompose the waste and leftovers in the places they make camp. We also motivate them to know and record the information about the plants and animals they come across during the tour and trekking. We do not take tourist to the places that are not permitted by the authority.





Magnificent Travels and Tours Pvt Ltd Helen Jennings
community well-being
Local Prosperity



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