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The tourism industry provides opportunities like few others. The sector is one of the most diverse and exciting industries around, employing over a quarter of a billion people worldwide. This figure is set to grow over the next few years – especially as the demand for senior and specialised roles increases. The under & post graduate degree programmes at London South Bank University will provide you with the key skills and knowledge to enable you to enter this industry.

The BA (Hons) Tourism, Leisure and Hospitality Management degree at London South Bank University has a common first year and then a choice of three specialist routes that map particular career paths: Travel and tourism management, Leisure and events or Food and Hospitality management. These specialisms allow our graduates to follow a wide variety of career paths after graduation.

The International Tourism and Hospitality Management MSc programme encourages an entrepreneurial approach to examining growth opportunities in tourism and hospitality businesses and destinations. It addresses the needs of both the commercial and non-commercial elements of the sector, the latter often requiring public/private partnership forms of governance. To excel in these industries you need to be a good leader, manager, and entrepreneur demonstrating an awareness of the ethical, cultural, environmental and social settings within which you are working.

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Kai Ulrik

Hi - I joined tourism concern as a volunteer in early 2014 and have been assisting with research and membership. I have a background in environmental management and business administration; with a Master's degree in Environmental management and policy. I am an avid traveller with key interests in community based tourism & highlighting the impacts of All-inclusive holidays.

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