Community Empowerment Network

Community Empowerment Network

The Community Empowerment Network (CEN) is a US-based non-profit organization which empowers individuals and rural communities and individuals around the world to become more self-reliant by:

  • Helping residents there realize that they can solve their own problems and build sustainable livelihoods
  • Strengthening their skills and resources so they can do so
  • Collaborating with communities, government agencies, business and other non-profits to remove external obstacles that could interfere with the sustainability of individual and community initiatives, by providing key infrastructure, improving access to markets and capital, and improving local value chains.

With community-based tourism, residents from the local community have a significant involvement in developing and executing tourism plans. They develop ecotourism based on the needs of their communities and in accordance with their cultural beliefs and consideration of natural resources. An equitable portion of generated income stays within the community. Local management tends to be more positive because residents have a vested interest in the well-being of their community, and they are therefore more accountable to environmental protection.

Projects in clude working with the Eixo Forte/Jua and Rio Tapajos communities in Brazil. See entry on Brazil map.


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