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Local Alike are a Thai-based social enterprise focused in creating solutions for local villages. We assist locals set up their community-based tourism business and help them achieve their development goals.

If you are a traveler, couple, family, student, or company looking to Discover ‘Thainess’ then get in contact with us – we would love to speak with you! We curate unique experiences across Thailand while making sure that 70% of what you pay goes back into your host communities. We love Thailand dearly and our promise is to transform how everyone travel in our country.

We are building the world’s only community-based tourism marketplace platform where anyone in the world can find and book unique experiences at local villages.

Our social enterprise provides you an authentic experience in community-based tourism. With this idea, we believe that our travel can help to preserve local culture and generate income to the communities.

What’s more? Our tourists also gain valuable experience from exposing themselves to different cultures in the village. The connection of people from different places will at last lead to a truly sustainable society as we always say that meaningful experience for travelers and locals “alike”.

We are able to offer a 10% discount to Tourism Concern Members (10% off first-time Village Tour purchases from Local Alike.com – this discount excludes Day Tour products.)

All our tours begin with locals at Thai communities. Local Alike and our local partners design fun and engaging experiences at their destinations and ensure that they are fairly rewarded for their services.

We manage a carrying capacity meaning that our mission is not to overpopulate these local communities but to merely introduce them to tourism and help them earn additional income.

Local Alike maintains a community development fund with locals. Our social enterprise contributes 5% of our net profit into the fund while the locals contribute up to 10% of theirs. This fund is used to achieve numerous development goals as set up in agreement between us and our local partners.

We ensure that local communities we visit remain in its pristine stage for as long as possible by implementing processes at local villages and also educate our local friends about the importance of not exploiting their own homes for short term gain.

We are currently drafting a suit of policies in Thai and English to meet international safety, health, and environmental standards and to also help local Thai communities reach global standards.



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