Livingstone Tanzania Trust

The Livingstone Tanzania Trust is a grass roots self-help development charity working with communities living at subsistence level poverty in the Manyara Region of northern Tanzania. By listening to the needs of the community members and by enhancing existing knowledge and developing new skills we empower individuals to meet and exceed their basic needs for themselves and improve their quality of life with dignity and pride. Our holistic approach to poverty alleviation enables us, together with the community, to tackle some of the root causes of poverty and by so doing develop applicable, practical and sustainable solutions. Education and Enterprise form the cornerstones of our work and allow us to focus on all ages within the community but particularly women and girls. Our capacity building is mirrored by access to micro-loans to enable small start-up businesses to flourish.

As a small charity we work with volunteer organisations who match our ethical standards. All our volunteers are required to sign a Charter before they work with us and must under go pre-departure and onsite training. We take only a few groups a year and move them between schools and communities to ensure that there is no community fatigue. Training is also provided to the community leaders so that the can understand any cultural differences and learn about their guests before they arrive.

None of our volunteers ever replace local builders when doing construction work, the builders train the volunteers to make cement, plaster paint and brick lay and the builders work alongside and supervise the work. The volunteers and builders work, eat and play football together and enjoy each others company despite the few words they can share. We never ask our volunteers to teach or take part in other activities for which they have no competencies.

We work with Inspire Worldwide.

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